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To outrank business competitors on digital platforms requires a lot of patience. Although a specific method to attain this is not known, several digital experts recommend some tips that would successfully help promote your brand. To understand the rudiment of building influential brands online, it is always advisable to understand the depth of the market product you plan to sell, the digital platform used, some specific terminologies and beat your competitors in the same niche.

For digital newbies who want their brand to reach a large audience, involving an expert in this niche would be the best idea. A professional would serve as a guide while putting you through navigating the market and the best approach to make your brand stand out from your competitors.

Novices who have tried to outrank their business rivals without guidance has lost money to the market over time, do not be among these group of SEO experts

What is the meaning of GMB?

You might be hearing GMB and not sure of what it means. Well, it is a simple acronym for Google-My-Business. The world has adopted the use of technology in every part of human life. You can sit in a specific location, and customers can know your product across the globe. All these came about because of the effective use of technology.

With Google-My-Business (GMB), some specific terms or keywords are synonymous with each company.  These keywords make it easier for potential clients to locate and patronize your brand with no hassle.

Google has made marketing products easier with this approach. To have successful business management online, you need to create a Google My Business account at no cost. By doing this, you have an online presence for your brand with benefits like management rights and google visibility features to help customers locate you.

Note that this created GMB account is actually not your business profile but only a tool that helps to boost the visibility and effectiveness of your business online. With small business SEO packages you can improve your organic website and GMB traffic. 

How GMB account help local business marketing

1. Enables customer interaction– With a GMB account, you can easily interact with your client and listen to their complaint. Most business owners don’t know this, as you could use this to your advantage.

2. Provides necessary information about your business– Unlike the regular mode of doing business, you have to explain to every client what you sell and how your brand benefits them. With a GMB profile, you can create a website link for your brand, place the price for each product, post the company’s services and policies, etc.

3. Provide an avenue for development- On the GMB dashboard, there is google analytics that provides business owners with customers insight into their products and their difficulties finding their locations. These insights enable business owners to know their customers better and how business competition is faring in their locality.

4. Enables local SEO keywords- Google is a big market for businesses across different locations worldwide. With the help of GMB, you can incorporate specific keywords which match your business niche to make your product top the list of local brands.

Tips for outranking GMB competitors in your local business

1. Have a good profile– Most online business owners underestimate the importance of an online profile in business success.  The profile provides insight into what you plan to offer.  Having an excellent online presence plays an essential role in generating sales. You can also create rich content that would entice customers and promote your brand among ranking competitors in your locality with this tip.
Ensure to post 3 or 4 content with your business keywords optimized to push traffic to your product or service. Several GMB owners also confirm picture inclusion as an excellent Strategy for promoting online sales.

2. Buy an appropriate custom domain name– This is a business account, so every step to promoting your brand must be carefully scrutinized. Of course, any GMB account owner will just purchase any domain and use it to promote their brand. However, an intelligent business owner would research which custom domain name is the best to buy for his product niche and ensure every posted content has keywords that sync with the domain name. If you have issues identifying which custom domain name is the best to buy for your GMB account, seek the guidance of a veteran in this field.

3. Post the right content– Your GMB profile is not your regular social media profile for all sorts of skits and funny videos. Ensure that the pictures, videos, and content promote the goods or services you plan to offer. Make it a habit to post content twice, consistently, or more daily. Within a short while, you would start witnessing high sales compare to your GMB competitors in the same locality.

4. Be unique– According to research, most GMB owners don’t create an avenue for their customers to related with them. While creating your profile, ensure to provide options for booking, reviews, and chat. Some customers might like to express their opinion on your goods or services; this tip could help you gain more sales traffic than your competitor in the same locality.

5. Have a business URL– Unlike other GMB that will just use any URL for their account—having a business URL signals a message to potential clients that you are severe and a reputable individual. Ensure the URL you choose has your business and city name incorporated in it.  If you need advice on how to have a business URL, seek guidance from appropriate professionals.

6. Relax and generate backlinks– This stage might be a hurdle for those with little IT experience, but it involves generating backlinks from reputable sites to drive organic SEO traffic to your GMB site. With this simple approach, within 3-6 months, you could be listed among the top-ranking brands in your locality.


Outranking GMB competitors for your local business is possible if you have the right tools and strategies. You can leverage our expertise to put together a plan that ensures success in this competitive market.

Whether it’s organic SEO or PPC, we’ll work with you to find what works best for your budget and goals! What are some of the tactics you’re using to outrank Google My Business (GMB) competitors for your own listing? Let us know in the comments below!