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One of the things marketers desire most is to increase the number of traffic on their website. Some of the ways to get more traffic to your website are Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media marketing, blogging, and so on.

All these ways have proven to have one issue with them or the other. For example, social media marketing has always had a problem regarding the ROI, PPC is not affordable, and SEO takes time to yield desired results. And these issues have led us to the only viable solution that has a considerable impact — referral traffic. 

Referral traffic is the number of people that visit your website from sites that are not the major search engines. For example, some traffic tracking software like Google Analytics counts the number of times people click a link to your site from another site or a social media network; the number of visitors clicking the link is the traffic. The initial page where the link to the website is on is called the referrer. 

The Importance of Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is essential because it would link customers to your websites, and the more visitors check your website, the more your content gets viewers, allowing the sales team to turn the viewer into a customer. 

Also, referral traffic has some SEO benefits. Search engines like Google and others consider the increase in viewers on your site as a favorable ranking as far as the referrer is a trusted website. 

How to Improve Referral Traffic

Now that you are sure how important it is to generate referral traffic for your website, there are some ways you should follow to create high referral traffic for your website; some of the ways to generate referral traffic are below:

  • Submit your Website to Online Directories

Publishing your website to online directories is one of the best and easiest ways to get referral traffic on your website. Of course, you do not have to submit your website to every online directory; you need to focus on the ones that generate the most traffic and are related to your industry. 

To know the directories that generate severe traffic, you can Google search for guides relating to your industry, and the sites that appear at the of your search results generate the most traffic. You can then list your website on the directories and generate traffic for your site too. A visitor landing on your page directly through your website link is most important because the customer is giving you referral traffic. 

  • Be Published by Review Websites

Review Websites are internet pages where they compare products or companies. Review websites can help you get referral traffic because many people check reviews of products and services before opting for them.

If you are operating a respectable business, it would not be hard for people to pick you out from other products that do not have ratings as good as yours. 

Also, you would need to pay money to some review websites to get your product reviewed first. Review Websites like Clutch get paid to review products, and that is why the top product reviews you’ll see on their sites are usually sponsored. It is a win-win for both you and the review websites because, in the end, you have successfully managed to attract more referral traffic to your site. 

  • Guest Blog Posts

Guest Blog Posts is another way to get more referral traffic for your website. Guest Blog Posts is a sure way that always presents various opportunities to get referral traffic for your website. The first opportunity for referral traffic you can get from guest Blog Posts is external links; external links are links in guest blog posts that do not link to another page on the same blog but to a website outside of the blog. 

Also, other opportunities are Call to action and author bios which are standard features of guest blog posts. If you can get one of your posts featured on a well-known website, you would benefit significantly from the referral traffic. However, when you are guest blogging, there are some tips you should keep in mind; they are 

  • Approach websites related to your industry
  • Make sure the content is written under your name
  • Share your link with influencers as they can help you promote your post and generate more referral traffic for your website. 
  • Use Social Media

According to research, 89% of marketers testified that social media generated more exposure for their products. Also, another 75% agreed that their website traffic increased because of their efforts on social media. 

The top 7 social media sites you can use to promote your product as a marketer are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. People use social media for more than being familiar with the trends; social media is now a medium for marketers to generate leads, traffic, and sales. 

Every time you post, tweet, pin share, or like the content on social media, you are increasing your chances of generating referral traffic to your website. And the more referral traffic you get, the easier it is for you to feature at the top of Google and other popular search engines. For example, 58% of marketers reported an increase in their search rankings due to their social media engagements. 

  • Comment on Blogs 

Commenting on blogs is a viable way to generate referral traffic to your website by many people. For example, Neil Patel, a famous blogger, reported that he has over 240 comments on blog posts, and it has earned him over 4,000 visitors to his website.

Commenting on blogs is a sure way to get referral traffic; you have to ensure your comments do not end up as spam. Some things you should consider when commenting on blog posts are:

  • Don’t complain or brag under blog posts; make sure your comments are meaningful.
  • Visit blogs that allow links in their comment section more so you can add a link to your website in the comments.
  • Be active on the blog so you can comment immediately after the post because the more at the top your comment is, the more clicks you’ll generate.


With these five tips, you can increase your website referral traffic and get more organic leads. If you want to take advantage of referrals, the good news is that it’s not too hard! There are different ways to promote a blog post or content on social media, but we hope this list has given you some new ideas. Which one will be your next step? Let us know in the comments below!